Winter Fun and Family-Friendly Activities


The days are getting colder and shorter. Winter is here!

This is a time when many of us start gearing up for the season’s celebrations and holidays, like Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, the Lunar Year, and Three Kings’ Day. It is a time when we start getting ready to get together with our friends and loved ones to share a delicious meal, spend a magical moment in each other’s company, and exchange gifts.

But why not stretch out the fun even further? The winter season offers much more than just the holidays, especially if you get creative!

Here are some fun and family-friendly activities that will make you revel in winter magic all the way from November through January 🙂


Warm up with a tasty cup of hot cocoa. Nothing is more soothing when it’s cold out than a warm mug of chocolate. It’s like a ray of sunshine that you can drink! To make the treat even more unique, add your favorite topping, like whipped cream, mini marshmallows, cinnamon, or caramel syrup 🙂

Build a gingerbread house with your children or friends. Everybody likes to be creative, especially when they get to eat the end product 🙂 You can build your candy house with gingerbread that you baked yourself or buy ready-made graham crackers at the store. Try gluing the sides with icing or melted white chocolate, yum! M&Ms, sprinkles, candy canes, and gummy bears will ensure your tasty abode is also stunning!


Bundle up and get moving! Have you ever tried ice skating? Or why not take a walk in the park in which you pay attention to the crispness of the air, the beauty of the frozen ponds and bare trees, and look out for cold-weather birds? You can spot sparrows, woodpeckers, or even owls!

Visit your favorite toy store. Toy stores go all-out at this time of the year. Why not take a day to visit their magical storefronts and see the latest must-have games and gadgets?,

Host a pajama party with a particular theme. Surprise your little ones by inviting their friends for a sleepover and design a unique program to keep them happily entertained! Let them laugh themselves to sleep as they camp out in the living room, try to outwit each other at Monopoly, Jenga, or Trivial Pursuit, and watch their favorite films.

Share the love. Contact your local homeless shelter, nursing home, or food bank. Give some time to those in need, and put a smile on their face by showing you care.

Take a moment to visit a family member or community member who might feel alone. Brighten their day by having a conversation or just sitting by their side.