Fulfilling The Dreams Of Critically And Chronically Ill Children

When we fulfill a child’s dreams it’s more than granting them a momentary desire; it’s an answer to their prayers, hope to their despair, joy to their pain. 

We set stars in motion by creating life-changing, one-of-a-kind experiences for children with critical illnesses. Our dream chapter is 100% volunteer and donor-driven, which means more dreams fulfilled, more joy and very little costs to our local community. 

By allowing children to fulfill their dreams, we help them experience what it’s like to escape their illness and live life to the fullest while they can . We make small miracles happen for the children who need it most.


Come and Be Part Of The Magic That Makes A Dream Come True at the Dream Factory in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Together, let us embrace the magical impossibility of believing in the impossible, and making a dream come true one child at a time.

Creating Moments That Matter To Children Facing Serious Illness

There are dreams that are more difficult to fulfill, treatments more extensive and costly, and circumstances far worse than any one family can bear on its own. 

Thanks to our community of heroes, every dream we learn about — no matter how big or small — is fulfilled by a team of local volunteers who provide personalized attention, lift spirits and restore quality of life for hundreds of children each year in Brooklyn, N.Y.. We’re so glad you’re here – partner with us, make a difference!